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Deceitful Above All Things

The Storefront Theatre marches on, presenting the first in a satellite spring series, the critically acclaimed - Deceitful Above All Things by Genevieve Adam in association with the Favour The Brave Collective.

The tenacity of the Canadian nation can be seen reflected in its artists’ perseverance of creation against all odds. After a termination of lease threatened to jeopardize The Storefront Theatre’s winter/spring season, a community of artists has rallied behind the institution in order to ensure that the production of several of the planned shows will move forward. The first of the season, Deceitful Above All Things will play at Factory Theatre’s Studio Space under the direction of Tanya Rintoul (NTS 2015 - Directors Program, Father Comes Home From the Wars, Soulpepper Assistant Director).

 This will be the second incarnation of Deceitful Above All Things, after a premiere at the SummerWorks festival in 2015 to huge critical acclaim, followed by a workshop of the piece by Toronto’s esteemed VideoCabaret. In keeping with VideoCab’s vivid reimaginings of Canadian History, Adam has borrowed from Canada’s little told story of Les Filles du Roi (King’s Daughters) and spun a dark and sexy historical romance that examines the tale through the unique perspective of history's oft forgotten voices: women and First Nations Peoples. Set in 1667 Quebec, Deceitful Above All Things is not the Canadian history of your grade seven textbook. Anne (Genevieve Adam - Road, Equity Showcase Theatre, The Handmaid’s Tale, HULU) a French aristocrat, and Marguerite (Imogen Grace - Suits, USA Network, Sweet Fever Web Series) a pious unwed outcast form an unlikely friendship after Anne arrives to the New World following a Jesuit priest (John Fitzgerald Jay - Reign, CW) for whom she harbours a secret love. The women fight to carve out a place for themselves in the untamed wilderness as they uncover passion and hidden desire. The original ensemble including Madeleine Donohue (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Humber River Shakespeare Company), Brian Bisson (You Can't Take it With You, Soulpepper), Garret C. Smith (Making Treaty 7, MT7 Cultural Society), and Joelle Peters (Dreary & Izzy by Tara Beagan, Theatre Northwest) return to tell this sensual unholy tale, with costumes by Adriana Bogaard (Glass Menagerie, The Howland Company) set design by Nancy Anne Perrin, (Hamlet, Hart House) lighting by Logan Cracknell (Silk Bath, Next Stage Festival) and sound by Deanna Choi (The Death of Mrs. Gandhi, Next Stage Festival).

 As Canada prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary we are reminded of our nation’s history of perseverance. Survival in is our blood. Be it in French Immigrants circa 1667 Quebec, or the indie theatre artists of Toronto 2017, there is heart, passion, and blood. An appropriate play to mark the beginning of a new chapter.