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Photo credit: Tim Fort / Vogt C: PULSE

Questions of Interest:

1. Where can we find performativity in everyday life? Examples such as (dys)functional relationships, the theatre of medicine, social neuroscience, the military, athletic events, and even college dorm-room parties.

2. How can theatre be incorporated into daily life in non-traditional areas such as clinical therapy, science and math education, social justice initiatives, and post-traumatic rehabilitation? Why is it important and necessary to integrate dramatic forms of communication and storytelling into lives that are focused on the practical and pragmatic?

3. Exploration of multimedia and interdisciplinary work: combining theatre with music, dance, visual art, photography, and even science and technology. How do you keep up with the demands of a fast-paced technologically-driven world, where actors compete with iPhones and scripts compete with tweets? How can we keep theatre relevant and still create performances that reflect a modern era?