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Artists, Scientists, Thinkers, and Dreamers

A group of outstanding individuals whom I am privileged to call my friends, peers, mentors, and colleagues. People who are immensely gifted, but who have also worked tirelessly for years to develop their craft. People who have dared to dream. Check them out. 

Adrianna Mateo // violinist & songwriter

Aeolus Quartet // string quartet

Asad Chishti // inventor @ Chairs & Tables

Bryan Holt // classical cellist 

Devon Jackson // co-artistic director @ The Cellar Door Project

Emily Rho // classical pianist

Eric Cheng // photographer & software engineer & musician

John O'Leary // researcher & jazz pianist @ La Lucha 

Kim Sakkal // actor

Mia Sanders // ActOut social justice outreach

Michael Morreale // blogger @ CBC Radio

Nick Sanders // jazz pianist

Piper Gragg // jazz pianist

Rory Mcleod // classical violist & director of Pocket Concerts

Ross Somerville // musician & theatre artist

Silvie Cheng // classical pianist & half of Cheng² duo

Tammy Wang // teacher @ Limestone Swing

The Folk // indie rock band based in Guelph/Toronto

Wilderling // indie band based in Montreal

Yolanda Bruno // classical violinist