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WATCH: "How Music Can Be Better For You Than Sex and Cheesecake"  |

What impact does music have on our brains, on the way we perceive, think, and behave? Why do we even enjoy music? What makes a particular tune catchy or memorable, or make your foot itch to tap along? This talk explores how music can trigger our memory, shape our plasticity (the brain's ability to build internal connections and learn over time), and, ultimately, change the way we interact with others. [w. Cameron Nishi, cello]

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BANFF: Concert as theatre

WATCH: Concert as Theatre residency video | 

"Is concert theatre? Can theatre be concert?"

February 2016: an artist residency at the Banff Centre led by Pedja Muzijevic, where musicians collaborated with actors, dancers, choreographers, video artists, lighting designers, and people from all walks of life. Here is a small sampling to the workshops, rehearsals, works in progress, and concerts presented during the three-week program. 


a chamber music collective to redefine 'classical'

Votes for women & other lies

WATCH: Trailer | A devised historical comedy about the lives of five Canadian suffragettes: Flora Macdonald Denison, Augusta Stowe-Gullen, Laura McCully, Laura Hughes, and Constance Hamilton. Blurring fact and fantasy, history and hysteria, Empty Box Theatre Company presents a modern take on the age-old question of feminism nearly a century after women first received the right to vote in Canada.

Down there

WATCH: "Alien" (live performance) |

Original piece written and performed by Deanna Choi, with musical excerpts from Ravel, Kreisler, and Samuel Barber.

Performed as part of 'Down There 2014: Up Here, In Here, Around There', produced by the Queen's University Arts and Science Undergraduate Society Women's Empowerment Committee. The Down There monologues is an annual collection of stories written, directed, and produced by Queen's students and other talented artists. Originally performed as a spin off to The Vagina MonologuesDown There discusses a range of identity issues such as race, religion, mental health, body image, masculinity and femininity, gender, and sexual orientation. 100% of ticket sales were donated this year to Dawn House Women's Shelter, Interval House, and Sexual Assault Centre Kingston. 


The Badass Brahms Chamber Collective (BBCC) was founded in 2012 by four science majors at Queen's University who were passionate about music. The group initially produced a "Clandestine Chamber Series"; the name comes from the fact that, as an ensemble unsanctioned by the School of Music or any official Queen's organization, the BBCC had to surreptitiously acquire rehearsal and performance spaces.

The BBCC is committed to producing quality performances in the Kingston community, featuring young musicians from diverse backgrounds. We want to bring classical music back to the forefront; to make Rachmaninoff as accessible as Rihanna, to make concert-going an affordable experience, and to show that classical music is, indeed, badass. Whether we present the height of angsty German Romanticism, shine a feminist spotlight on composers, or bring in fairies from the Athenian wood, each one of our performances brings a refreshing take on classical music and the traditional concert experience.

The ensemble's home is now at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, which has hosted six of its programs to date. All our concerts are admission by donation, and the proceeds (over $2000) have benefited numerous local non-profit organizations, such as Ryandale Youth Shelter, Martha's Table, Dawn House Women's Shelter, and sponsorship for Syrian refugees.

To stay tuned on upcoming concerts, please visit our Facebook page.